WHY HOME STAGING? Importance of Home Staging article by Good Earth staging, San Francisco and Bay Area, California.

Why Home Staging?

Its important to dress well because it shows respect for those you face.
The very same logic, it applies to home staging.

Home staging has moved far beyond the act of only preparing a home for a swift sale at a higher price. It is now about attractive presentation to the prospective homebuyers.

A new Homeowner is looking at where the family can be together and feel themselves again. Often they are unable to bring into life the idea they have visualized for their home. Professional home stagers are highly skilled artists. They help to bridge that gap by creating a dramatic setting in a way to appeal to the widest range of buyers. It is important the home is dressed well to welcome its new homeowner.

Staging makes the house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer and more loving as the homebuyer has perceived.

Good Earth Staging LLC., in San Francisco and Bay Area, from its very nascent days, in 2017

  • has acknowledged the prerequisites of the realtor and home owner
  • has taken steps to understand the mind of the market
  • has been striving to stage every home within the deadline and without cutting corners.
    It’s Staging Redefined…..

The recognition and importance of home staging can be further reiterated by formidable strength of a Trade Association like IAHSP®, The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, which was set up in 1999 for staging professionals throughout the industry. Since then, IAHSP® has been advancing education, engaging with members within the industry, providing statistics of the industry, recognizing deserving industry professionals through its prestigious annual awards. With Affiliates and International Chapters, the Association is here to bring the best to the stagers and community at large.

Home Staging is more than a concept. It’s the doorway to your HOME!


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