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Why interior designers want to know about your personality and lifestyle?

Why interior designers want to know about your personality and lifestyle?

Architectural designs and home décor ideas have changed over time to concur with lifestyle definitions. Methods and materials have improved with increased sensitivity towards the environment. Further, technology has conquered the world, finding its way into every home. Today, with nuclear families, a home has become an expression of the few who live there. Big or small your haven has to be a culmination of the best interior design ideas to tell the family story through architecture and interior décor designs.

Interior designers have started to go beyond space, colors, forms, textures, patterns, lines, elements, lights, and design style. Interior designers now want to know about you and your lifestyle to build spaces that are explicitly yours. Mainly because science has proved, the living environment does influence the occupants, sense of health, happiness, and well-being.

The definition of lifestyle is the way you live which includes your style, attitudes, and possessions. Here is what interior designers gather about your personality and lifestyle to bring your individuality into your home.

1. The Organizer
If you are the person who is organized in life and believes in a place for everything and everything in its place, then your home will demand to shelve and create storage space. Top interior designers deliver not just storage ideas but optimum space planning. From walk-in closets to a television behind a painting, there is a space for everything. An interior designer takes care of design principles – Balance, Harmony, Emphasis, Proportion, and Scale while designing the perfect home that looks well-organized yet is homely. Ultimately a clutter-free home with simple layouts in design reflects the lifestyle of a logical and organized homeowner.

2. The Outdoor Personality
For those who love the outdoors, their homes will always have plenty of indoor plants and often a well- maintained garden too. Most plants are placed beside a living room window or WFH office window that is either West, East, or South facing. Adding real plants to the home office décor enlivens a space, benefits good health, and helps focus. Plants like Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), Devil’s Ivy (pipremnum aureum, or pothos), Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema), and Ferns (Pteridophytes) that require less sunlight serve as indoor plants. They help to bring the feel of the outdoors into a home. Having a private garden has numerous benefits. Firstly, it encourages your love for gardening. It can also absorb unwanted noise and improve the quality of the air. An interior designer understands a person with an outdoor personality will surely live closest to nature, so plants and a splash of green color are a must.

3. The Party Person
A party person wants to make a great first impression. When the homeowners are social and love to entertain, the first thing you notice in the home is a friendly living room and an equally large kitchen and dining area. These are great spaces where people gather for a happy feel. Interior designers use the latest kitchen designs to design an open kitchen concept or a peninsula-style kitchen with the best kitchen layouts. Outdoor pool areas and barbeque pits are also commonly found in homes where homeowners regularly have visitors.

4. The Fitness Freak
Home gym ideas emerge when an interior designer has to prioritize an area for physical fitness. Such homeowners often prefer to have a dedicated workout room, a yoga room, or a fitness studio. Often the interior designer helps to convert the basement, a backyard space, an extra room, or a bump-out to hold the exercise equipment. These rooms usually have large mirrors, woven rugs, bright décor, a television, a music console, and recessed LED lighting. There may also be homeowners who are not just fitness freaks but sportsmen who need to display their numerous trophies.

5. The Spiritual Seekers
Many individuals prefer to have a meditation room, prayer room, yoga room, or Zen area in their homes. An interior designer will seek the farthest corner away from the din or the east /northeast filled with powerful magnetic energies suitable for a spiritual journey. The place of devotion, quiet, and healing may contain a sacred altar, healing crystals, essential oils, incense stick, and a yoga mat. The interior designer may suggest colors like white and beige that symbolize purity.

6. The Family Man
Family pictures on your walls are a sure giveaway of a happy family. For a home that spells family, the interior designer may include a billiards table in the basement, an extra guest room for visiting family, or a home theatre. The dynamics of the relationships of home occupants often dictate the interior decor styles. For example, if you live with your partner, the home may be more young, lively, and romantic. While, if you have tiny tots, the house will need to be childproof. It is the interior designer who pays attention to small details to create a family haven.

7. The World Traveller
Homeowners who are global travelers bring home mementos gathered from their travels. These mementos often are conversation starters. They are in areas where the family entertains or, displayed all over the home. It can be anything from an exquisite silk painting to a contemporary art sculpture. Interior designers know exactly how to draw attention to such pieces to be the focus of the room.

8. The Geek
Technology has made life easy. Home automation allows homeowners to control items around the house—from window shades to garage doors and lights with a simple push of a button or a voice command. The Internet of Things (IoT), in-home automation, and smart homes send out information and receive commands. Some of the best smart home devices for 2021 include the Amazon Echo Bluetooth speaker powered by 5Alexa, Google Nest Hub, and ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2. Ensure your architect and home interior designer build-in the latest technology into your new home.

9. The Reader
There are fewer book lovers today, but they do exist. If you are one of those who demands book shelves to display a collection or even prefers to have a home library, it is important the interior designer understands the number of books and the classification system. Also, the interior designer will factor in warm lighting, sober colors, and comfortable seating. By adding a good office desk and few other office accessories you can have a unique and affordable Work From Home Office.

10. The Environmentalist
A concern for environmental protection and the future of the planet has led to sustainable housing. There is a movement for tiny homes and energy-efficient homes. Smart homes or green homes focus on sustainability, energy-efficient eco-friendly building designs, and recycling waste. Conscious homeowners are in discussions with architects and homeowners to build a sustainable home.


There are plenty more personalities and lifestyles that inspire interior design. Every home has a unique character, and who would understand that better than an interior designer or an architect? Interior designers are well-aware home interiors affect emotions, behavior, and mood. Thus, they pay close attention to the personality and lifestyles of the homeowners. The top interior designers in the world have mastered the art to create the right home for the right client.

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