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Do you have home stage fright?

Do you have home stage fright?



While stage fright is associated with public speaking, home staging fright is associated with NOT BEING ABLE TO ENVISION.

Every homeowner believes his/her home is perfect! So when it is time to put up the home to sell, a million questions arise on why should I stage my home, whom do I trust with home staging, which is the best real estate company, what value will they bring to my property etc. You are surely justified. 

To overcome the anxiety we have listed these easy ways to reduce your ‘home stage fright’

1. Visualize your move:

The mind the strongest force that will help you tide over a change. Relocating is never easy. Selling a property is equally demanding. It is important that once you have decided on the move, you relax and stay positive about the outcome.

2. Make connections with other sellers:

You may not be the first one to put up a home for sale in your area. There would have been others before you, who have successfully sold their properties. Reach out to your community and ask for references for a real estate agent and a top home stager near you.  

3. Start to prepare your home in advance:

Once you are certain about putting up the home for sale, start to prepare for it. From clearing out closets to getting personal belongings ready for storage, from minor repairs to a touch of paint, organize your home whilst keeping in mind the ultimate aim – to sell fast.

4. Trust your real estate agent:

As a home seller, it is imperative that you place full trust on the ability of your real estate agent. The aim of the real estate is same as yours, which is to sell at higher price in the shortest time. 

5. Shift the focus:

Shift the focus from seeing your home as the best property to understand how a potential buyer would perceive the property. Work towards providing value to the potential buyer.

6. Keep a flexible timeline:

As a homeowner the decision to sell/ to relocate, may either be much thought after or almost impulsive. However, selling a property does not rely on only two factors – a real estate agent and a home stager but on other contributing factors like market conditions, age of the property, location etc. Thereby, be mentally prepared for an extended timeline if the home does not sell within a stipulated period you had earlier envisioned. 

7. Select an established stager:

In most cases, your chosen real estate agent would have already worked with a stager who has delivered timely and well-staged properties. Have discussions with the real estate agent and the stager to understand what value they can add. Once the price, concept and other details are finalized, step back and let the experts deliver. 

8. Don’t think you are perfect:

You maybe the boss in your home and have done a wonderful job of maintaining your property but it may not be enough. Be receptive to suggestions from friends, real estate agents and home stagers. A good home stager will change the appearance of your existing rooms to appeal to everyone who walks through that door. There maybe few short falls in your home, which the home stager will cleverly conceal while bringing out the best in other areas. 

9. Keep yourself updated:

It is important that you are aware of the market conditions, value of the home, home staging trends and other related factors to proceed with the sale.

Stage fright or home stage fright empower yourself to take the first step!


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