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The 7 must-haves for a modern kitchen

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the way to a happy home is through its kitchen. Modern kitchens have come a long way from grinding stones and wood ovens to a cherished space in every home. So, if you are planning a contemporary kitchen or an open kitchen, here are […]

Tips on buying a Condo

The word condo or condominium has its roots in Latin. It derives from two words con meaning together and dominium/dominion meaning ownership. But the word gained prominence only after the first condominium came up in New York City in 1881. By the 1960s, there was a large number of condominiums mushrooming all over the US. […]

Will Open Floor Plans Continue to trend in 2030?

Open floor plans have become a consistent appearance. Over the last few decades, every builder and architect has used the concept at some point in time. This architectural trend has equally infiltrated small homes and spacious homes. In the 1950s, after World War II, with more housing needed for smaller families, open floor plans began […]

Why interior designers want to know about your personality and lifestyle?

Architectural designs and home d├ęcor ideas have changed over time to concur with lifestyle definitions. Methods and materials have improved with increased sensitivity towards the environment. Further, technology has conquered the world, finding its way into every home. Today, with nuclear families, a home has become an expression of the few who live there. Big […]

Secrets for opening the perfect open house

In real estate, an open house is a scheduled period during which an owner puts up his home or property for sale, allowing potential buyers to view it. In earlier days, homeowners only placed large signs outside the home or along the street to announce the home was available for sale. Today, with the growing […]

The Future of Home Staging – Virtual Staging

Home staging is styling and furnishing a property to enhance it to attract potential buyers and to sell the home faster, and at a higher price. But like everything around us becoming digital, home staging also has entered the arena calling it virtual staging. Virtual home staging is a more recent concept in which a […]

INDOOR LANDSCAPING – In best Home Interior designs and beyond

When an average person spends one-third of his lifespan or 90,000 hours at work, it calls for a stress-free happy working environment. Today, most offices have indoor plants and interior landscaping to beautify the space and create a stimulating professional environment for the employees. Indoor landscaping is becoming an essential extension of a healthy lifestyle. […]

Color Trends in Interior Design and Home Staging 2021

Due to the global pandemic and lockdown, several businesses suffered a setback. So did interior design and home staging as most projects were put on hold. But in 2021 interior design and home staging across the US is back with renewed color and styles to spread cheer for homeowners and realtors. Home interiors are ready […]



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