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Color Trends in Interior Design and Home Staging 2021

Due to the global pandemic and lockdown, several businesses suffered a setback. So did interior design and home staging as most projects were put on hold. But in 2021 interior design and home staging across the US is back with renewed color and styles to spread cheer for homeowners and realtors. Home interiors are ready […]

Top Home Staging and Interior Design Trends in 2021

Home staging is the art of styling a home to sell at the best price in the shortest span of time. Since the 2020 global pandemic, people have started to look at things differently. In the new normal, home staging companies will also require to adapt to the changing demands of homeowners and realtors. To […]

10 Simple Decluttering Tips for HOME STAGING

Are you the one who feels overwhelmed with the mere mention of decluttering your home? Well, you are not alone. When you live in a HOME where hearts abide, there are plenty of belongings that find a cozy corner somewhere. As time goes by they simply overcrowd the space and you don’t notice it until […]

What to acquire for home staging in 2020?

With the New Year around the corner, home stagers need to prepare themselves in line with home decor trends for 2020.  A good home stager will consider upgrading his warehouse stock to include furniture and fixtures in line with the changing trend. Few trends for 2020 include – Colour: While psychology of colors in 2019 […]

Do you have home stage fright?

    While stage fright is associated with public speaking, home staging fright is associated with NOT BEING ABLE TO ENVISION. Every homeowner believes his/her home is perfect! So when it is time to put up the home to sell, a million questions arise on why should I stage my home, whom do I trust […]

The Psychology of Colours in Home Staging

    Every stager has a signature style. However, closer to home, let’s see what differentiates the most successful stagers in California from the rest. First and foremost, the top staging companies in California make it a point to showcase different styles in keeping with current trends. The essential part of every style is incorporating […]

5 reasons why home décor companies in the US are offering both home staging and interior design service

Home staging and interior designing are like two sides of a coin. Today, many companies are offering both home staging and interior design services. While both home staging and interior design deal in home décor, the difference lies in: – Home staging is described as an activity or practice of styling and furnishing a house […]

Summer 2019 Home Staging in San Francisco and Bay Area

  Summer is not just hottest season in terms of temperature but also the hottest time to put up your home on sale in California. Consumer’s confidence in home selling/buying has improved since the last three months. The California Association of Realtors, April 2019 report, illustrates that of the total home sales in California, the [...]



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