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What to acquire for home staging in 2020?

What to acquire for home staging in 2020?

With the New Year around the corner, home stagers need to prepare themselves in line with home decor trends for 2020. 

A good home stager will consider upgrading his warehouse stock to include furniture and fixtures in line with the changing trend.

Few trends for 2020 include –


While psychology of colors in 2019 centered around cappuccino and cayenne, 2020, will bring to the forefront mellow yellows, cassis, inky blues, bio-luminous neons, neo-mints, summer browns and seaweed greens. With change in season, the hues will slightly differ. Its best to have neutral colour on the walls, doors and windows and opt for an array of seasonal color in textiles and artifacts. Home stagers will required to introduce these myriad colors in bed linen, in throws, in bathroom accessories and in wall hangings. 

Textile Art:

From Chinese silk to Persian rugs, textile art will continue to hold a place of prominence in 2020. From velvet on chairs to rugs on walls to textile prints mimicking nature or abstract forms, textile will continue to reign in home staging. Home stagers can experiment with floral prints to create a feel of nature or just recreate cozy corners with ethnic and tribal-inspired textile prints.  

The natural look:

Wood finishes will have to be inspired by nature. Dark wood will be trending in 2020 giving the home a touch of luxury. The wood or wood finishes from ebony, cedar, mahogany and oak will essentially be the basis of most furniture design. It will also be complemented by natural fibers like jute, coir or flax. Home stagers will introduce these materials for an interesting mix of textures. 

The glitter and the glamour:

Gold metal finish will continue to rule. Gold is expected to reach its zenith in the area of home décor in 2020. Home stagers will need to use gold accents in vases, in tableware, in lamps and coffee tables to add just a bit of glitter and glamour to enliven the space.

More intimate environments:

The open kitchen, the large living rooms will soon be withdrawn to make place for more cozy and intimate environments. Instead of large sofas placed at a distance there will be multiple divided units with smaller furniture placed closer for a comfortable chat. Everything in the room will have a more personalized effect to exude coziness. Home stagers will have to stock up on armchairs, love seats, folding screens, canopies or even a layer of rugs to create more private and intimate moods in different rooms. 

Merging office space with home space:

With more and more people working from homes, there will be growing need for a home office, a library or a study. The home stager will earmark a small room or open up a storage space to showcase it as home office. Placing a worktable, a bookshelf, bright curtains and paintings, he will ensure the room looks brilliant and most conducive to work in.

Bring the outdoor into the living spaces:

Creating an indoor garden is a trend that will overflow into 2020. Fresh flowers and colorful indoor plants will instill a tranquil and relaxed feeling. The beauty of the flora fauna will no longer be only a part of your garden but can be created within your living room. A home stager will buy fresh plants to highlight corners of the rooms or place fresh flowers on tabletops to draw attention. 

Conclusion: Home staging trend for 2020 is all about combining creativity with sustainability, technology with functionality and vintage with glamour. The top Home Stager in San Francisco and Bay Area, Good Earth Staging LLC is preparing to be as much the trendiest Home stager in California. Are you ready? 

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