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Trending home staging styles (2019) In San Francisco and Bay Area

Trending home staging styles (2019) In San Francisco and Bay Area

There are number of different styles homeowners and realtors may discuss with a home stager to stage a home in San Francisco and Bay Area. The purpose of home styling is to bring in warmth and positive feeling in to a home while ensuring it can sell at the best price in the shortest span of time.

Few of the home décor styles can be briefly explained as: –


Modern interior is design style, which can be termed as sleek and simple with no clutter, often encouraging open floor plans. It mostly makes use of materials like metal, glass and steel. Its key element is monochrome palettes, mostly black or white with just a splash of color.


Modern and contemporary styles have a very fine line differentiating them from each other. In contemporary designs, it is the inclusion of color, graphics, materials that are the most trending at that point in time. It constantly evolves keeping up with the trends. 


The emergence of industrial design in 1990’s started in America when old manufacturing facilities and warehouses were being converted into condos and residential units.  This style integrates old brick walls, open pipes, concrete flooring and exposed beams in to the decor. The design has a somewhat rough and raw appeal to it. It continues to be used in eateries and stores to provide an industrial or urban loft feel. 


Mid-century recreates styles of the 1950s and 60s. It exudes the retro feel. The interiors in natural wood and rusty metals often are an extension of the exterior style of the home.


Inspired by the simple lifestyles in the Nordic countries, their fjords, snow and mountains, Scandinavian design is all about simplicity with functionality. It incorporates no fuss and an element of symmetry while playing with white color palettes, light wooden flooring, with rugs and throws and stylish yet extremely functional pieces of furniture.


Traditional design style is a rich European style with classic heavy detailing and antique pieces. It is elaborate and ornate.  From moldings and heavy wood paneling to built-in cabinets, from intricately designed tiles to polished wood flooring, from chandeliers to teak wood and leather furniture, this traditional home decor is inspired by the design and lifestyle of 18th and the 19th century. This opulent design style is still used in large homes that have a page in history.


Transitional interior design style is the combination of traditional style with modern essentials.  A transitional design uses modern materials like steel and glass along with plush furnishings. It aims to create a stylish yet warm look to the room. Transitional interior design elements often limit the use of accessories, only using few bright and bold pieces, which highlight the neutral background tones.


Bohemian style draws its inspiration from nomadic and gypsy senses. It basically reflects a carefree lifestyle combining together odd pieces of bold designs. Bohemian homes have a feel of relaxed chaos. It mostly reflects an individual’s carefree lifestyle. 


Rustic design is natural and earthy. It is inspired by nature. Rustic design showcases wooden beams and stonewalls, fireplaces and unfinished look staircases. It incorporates natural cowhides and sheepskins, handcrafted items and many other elements inspired by nature. It tries to recreate nature’s outdoor feel into the indoor space. 

10. Eclectic Design Style

Eclectic design is defined by its playful contrasts. It is a cohesive blend of modern day trends with old styles. It has its own elements of contrasting colors, furnishings and materials to create a unique and attractive design.

There are many more design styles like Hollywood Glam, Shabby Chic, Minimalistic, Mediterranean but these are not so often seen in California homes.

From all of the above, the three top trending home décor styles (2019) in California are:

1. Contemporary Style

2. Mid-Century Style

3. Transitional Style

Today the top stagers in California are successfully using these three most trending home styles to stage homes in San Francisco Bay Area. The home stagers staging in San Paolo and staging in Santa Cruz are particularly seeing a growing demand in Contemporary and Transitional styles of home decor.

A stager does a walk-through of the property and depending on the feel of every nook and corner of the home, the stager will suggest the most suited home décor style. The stager’s creative team then takes into account the needs, suggestions and ideas of the Homeowner, Investor and Realtor before finalizing the home décor style to stage the property. 

Conclusion: This year staging in San Francisco and Bay Area is seeing a rise in Contemporary Style décor. Every home stager needs to be design savvy and well informed about the home-style trends. A home stager should be able to offer unique design styles at the best price.

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