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Top Home Staging and Interior Design Trends in 2021

Top Home Staging and Interior Design Trends in 2021

Home staging is the art of styling a home to sell at the best price in the shortest span of time. Since the 2020 global pandemic, people have started to look at things differently. In the new normal, home staging companies will also require to adapt to the changing demands of homeowners and realtors. To welcome a happier 2021, home interiors have adopted a theme that combines environmentally friendly interiors with the use of natural materials. Top home staging and interior design trends in 2021 will include sustainable materials, calming natural colors, comfort feels, and more. There will also be a shift demanding to view home spaces to accommodate a home office or even a meditation room.

Today,  home interiors and luxury staging offered by interior design firms and home staging companies in the US, are compelled to include redesigned multi-functional spaces in different styles of décor. With work from home becoming a regular feature creative design and storage ideas are at the forefront to showcase smaller spaces to double up as home offices and workspaces. Though the major styles of home décor will remain, interior designers and home stagers will need to adapt to this trend in the new normal to provide styles that accommodate changing mindsets. 

Home décor styles 

There are several styles homeowners and realtors may discuss with a home stager or interior designer to stage or design a home but three prominent styles that are expected to continue in 2021 in the US are–Contemporary Style, Mid-century Style and Transitional Style. 


To create a bold Contemporary look, stagers and designers will begin by incorporating trending home décor colors 2021 (back link with blog on colors). Whether the color is used as an accent or as a major element in the room, will depend on the homeowners choice and the expertise of the professional home stager/ interior designer in line with the contemporary style of staging. In 2021, faceline art, the use of ceramics in white and cream, and hand-crafted materials will be trending to create a contemporary style of staging with a feel of peaceful zen. 


Mid-century recreates comfort styles post-second world war. In 2021, mid-century style home staging will further personalize rooms to give them homey comfort. Materials like wicker and rattan may be used to create chic indoor interiors giving the room a natural and earthy feel. In 2021, this style will also balance home interiors with its natural surroundings. The 2021 color palette of yellow, green, and brown will serve well in Mid-century modern style homes.


Transitional interior design style is the combination of traditional and contemporary modern. In 2021, the transitional style of staging will feature large and solid furniture pieces with curved lines to provide an immediately relaxed feel with minimalist decor around. This will result in stunning sophistication and simplicity. The 2021 monochromatic color palette will continue to contribute to recreating this style. 

The other top home staging and interior design trends in 2021, will be extensively seen in the following styles: –


Modern style interior is a design style, which can be termed as sleek and simple with no clutter, emphasizes open floor plans, geometric designs, and functional simplicity. Bold wall colors or furnishings in the home decor colors of 2021 like yellow, grey, aqua, bronze, and paprika may add an element of modernity.


A close resemblance to modern style, the Scandinavian style also embodies simplicity and functionality. It incorporates no fuss and an element of symmetry while playing with white color palettes, light wooden flooring, rugs and throws, and stylish yet extremely functional pieces of furniture. With ever-emerging Ikea designs, Scandinavian style can be created with affordable organic materials, bare ornamentation, and clean detailing.


Inspired by traditional Japanese design and philosophies like Ikigai, minimalist interiors are mostly catching the attention of millennials. Minimalist interiors in 2021, will reflect the lessons taught by the pandemic The minimalist style 2021, will embody what the pandemic has taught people—to live with frugal expenditure, minimize distractions, and de-clutter. It will use minimum pieces of furniture but with a touch of luxury, and prefer those made by hand or using organic or recycled materials.


The art deco style is coming back to homes in 2021. If minimalist style is on one end of the spectrum, art deco is in the exact opposite end leaning towards luxury. It brings back the classical chandeliers and big furniture. While creating this style, interior designers and stagers can use a sparkling gold palette, symmetrically curved mirror frames and headboards, and brown accent tones to create the 2021 trendy art deco look.


Traditional design style based on classic European décor is expected to return in 2021. Marked with classic heavy detailing and antique pieces this elaborate style is doused in the comforts and indulgences of classic European décor. Set in simple backdrop colors, it uses winged back chairs, leather furniture, and other retro designs to create colonial styles


Industrial interiors took birth in the 1990s when working parts of a building like warehouses or manufacturing facilities were converted into living spaces. With exposed beams, brick walls, pipes, ducts, flanges, and a largely masculine overtone this style now spills over to 2021. In 2021, it will include the use of recycled materials, salvaged materials and sustainable materials.


Urban interior design blends elements of contemporary, modern, and industrial designs to create a unique style that’s mostly used in apartments and lofts. It uses light colors and clean finishes to add feminine elegance and comfort in smaller spaces. A style trend to continue in smaller spaces. 

Most professional interior design and home staging companies are ready for the new normal with interior design styles and color trends of 2021. In 2020, Contemporary Style, Mid-century Style, and Transitional Style were trending throughout the US and more so in California. In 2020, the luxury stagers in Bay area successfully staged and designed hundreds of homes using these styles. In 2021, the home décor style will continue but the colors and demands of homeowners will need to embody their mood, their lifestyle, and their dreams. 

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