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The Psychology of Colours in Home Staging

The Psychology of Colours in Home Staging



Every stager has a signature style. However, closer to home, let’s see what differentiates the most successful stagers in California from the rest. First and foremost, the top staging companies in California make it a point to showcase different styles in keeping with current trends. The essential part of every style is incorporating the right colour hues that are related to the particular staging style.

Colours not only help to make a home more visually appealing but also have a psychological effect on the persons walking through its doors. While colours define personality, it could also make a space appear larger or smaller, brighter or more depressing, vacant or cosy.

Since every home stager is faced with the daunting task to please the maximum number of potential buyers, an established staging company will ensure it carries a large inventory of different coloured furniture and accessories to stylize every room uniquely. Whether colour to pop or colour to thematise, it is the right amount which is the mantra to a beautifully staged home.

During home staging every stager keeps in mind the basic colours and what their hues signify. For example,

Light and dark blues: Lighter shades of blue create a soothing and calming effect. Stagers often use this shade in bedrooms. Blue also being associated with water is seen in bathroom accessories. A darker shade of blue is used to compliment the lighter hues.

The environmental greens: We often associate green with nature. It helps to bring the extended feel of outdoors within. It also helps to relax. Different shades of green can be cleverly used in textile prints for bedrooms or even in patio areas.

The colour Purple: Purple has always been associated with the kings. It signifies royalty and wealth. Purple to lilac all shades are used in various rooms to create a sense of luxury.

Romantic reds and pinks: Red, the most often used pop-up colour to exuberate energy. From being used in dining rooms to stimulate appetite, to being used in bedrooms to ignite passion, red is a colour that brings cheer. Pink on the other hand is more feminine is still the favourite colour of little girls and the not-so-little girls used in their bedrooms.

Sun to sunflower yellows: Yellow is associated with the sun, summer and anything bold and boisterous. It brings in cheer and inspires one to be up and about. It is mostly used in study rooms or in a living area or in corners to add an element of sprite.

Orange the new black: It is vivacious. It creates enthusiasm. Mostly used in living and dining areas where people interact with one another, share ideas and enjoy the dynamism.

Earthly brown: Associated with the mother earth and the tree trunk, it symbolises strength and grounding. Brown is mostly used to represent masculinity in the absence of black. Bedroom sets in brown original teakwood are even today much sought after.

Metallic silver and gold: Silver and gold represent the rich metals. These colours used in a home to signify wealth. Accessories in silver and gold add an element of richness to the décor. These accessories can be cleverly placed in almost any/every room.

White and off white: White is the colour of purity. It is often used as a base colour to elevate the effect of other colours. White and off-white also make a room appear larger, so these colours are mostly used in smaller crowded spaces to make them appear larger and more comfortable. Wall colours are commonly white/off white as they form a backdrop for other colourful pieces in the home.

Black and grey: While black is sophistication for few, it may be a total no-go for some. Too much black, can also be depressing. Sometime instead of black, grey is paired with colours to cut out the severity that black brings out. So it’s not always about black or white but shades of grey too.

Colours in various societies also have a different connotations. From rainbow colours to black, our psychology of colours is also determined by our upbringing and culture. For example, a stager staging a home in a Chinese neighbourhood, will surely incorporate red since it is considered an auspicious colour in the Chinese culture.

In the end it’s all about finding the perfect balance of colours. Look for a stager near you, whose work is colourful and yet beautifully balanced. After all first impressions do count!


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