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The 7 must-haves for a modern kitchen

The 7 must-haves for a modern kitchen

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and the way to a happy home is through its kitchen. Modern kitchens have come a long way from grinding stones and wood ovens to a cherished space in every home.

So, if you are planning a contemporary kitchen or an open kitchen, here are a few ideas to design the most functional space: –

1. Smart Lighting and Appliances
A Smart Kitchen begins with energy-saving lights. Use halogen lights for longer life and low energy use. Kitchen lighting has to be direct and unobtrusive. It has to cast sufficient light over the workstation. Light- Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are also frequently used in modern kitchen design.
Technology advances in the kitchen have given rise to mist taps that reduce water consumption, WiFi refrigerators that let you take a peek into them from your phone while you are out shopping, automatic touchless soap dispensers, WiFi instant pots, and so much more. A modern kitchen has to be convenient, time-saving, and environmentally friendly.

2. The multi-functional single /double kitchen island
Recent trends have shown an increase in double islands, especially where space is a luxury. A kitchen island can be multi-purpose that offers countertop space, a dining spot, and storage units. A kitchen island also is used for hobs, wine coolers or racks, sinks, drawers, and shelving. An island with heavily veined marble has also become synonymous with high-end luxury. Whether one or two, the island adds a statement value to the kitchen space. Only ensure it is not too close to oven doors and refrigerator doors and allows smooth movement around the kitchen.

3. Mix of fixed and freestanding units
Gone are the days of made-to-order kitchen cabinets that either ran from wall to wall or floor to ceiling. Not only did they become unpractical and cumbersome to reach, but obsolete. Modern kitchens combine freestanding furniture with fitted units that allow for flexibility in terms of future furniture add-ons. With technology changing rapidly, you need to consider constant up-gradation, whether it is a refrigerator or an oven. It is best to assign separate areas for freestanding units and fixed storage units in a modern kitchen. That way, you need not remodel the entire kitchen to bring in a new appliance.

4. The kitchen-diner
Formal dining rooms worked well earlier when people needed to entertain guests. But since the concept of open kitchens grew in popularity, the kitchen became as much an entertainment zone. It gave rise to a kitchen-diner where people could chat and spend their time together while the food was being prepared and served. Also, a kitchen diner is a perfect place for small families to have their daily meals. This means finding a nice corner to place a dining table. With natural wood never going out of fashion, get a subtle- grained paler than oak or walnut table to blend in with your marble top kitchen island. For chairs, choose a set with the table, or better go for a pop of color that brightens the kitchen.

5. A low-maintenance kitchen flooring
When it comes to a kitchen, spills are a common occurrence. Whether you drop a metal pot or kids throw food on the floor while eating, the one thing to remember is that the kitchen floor has to be durable and easy to maintain. Natural marble is a no-no since it is porous in nature and may leave behind stains. There are plenty of options in colors, patterns, and themes, including the rustic, farmhouse, industrial, and contemporary kitchen flooring. Opt for hardwood floors, waterproof vinyl kitchen flooring, engineered wood kitchen flooring, slate or concrete flooring, marble-look tiles, or terrazzo tile flooring. Finally, whether you have picked an overall flooring type or chosen a trickling floor transition, the materials and colors must give an airy feel to the kitchen.

6. Pull-out units and handle-less kitchen doors
Kitchen organization is a must for modern kitchens since most are a bit tight on space. It is the reason modern kitchen designs are seeing more pull-out units or retractable storage units. Share your ideas with the best interior designer near you about saving space without giving up on a stylish kitchen. Pull-out shelves also give easy access to frequently required ingredients or appliances like a coffee machine that can save on your countertop space.

Another must-have in a modern kitchen is handle-less cabinets. Think about all those times you needed to wash your hands to keep a knob clean. Open the latest German handle-less kitchen doors from the top or side, with only a light touch. Handle-less cabinets give an uninterrupted flow to the kitchen.

7. The kitchen larder or pantry
While traditional walk-in larders or pantries are nice to have in a kitchen, not all modern kitchens have the luxury of space. The best interior designer is already aware of this. Thus, come the modern kitchen ideas to have a good-sized built-in larder and pantry cupboard. It helps to store all the food items in one place and not scatter them around.

Modern-day curated kitchens have a mix of bold backsplashes, handle-less cupboards, opening shelving, decorative ceramics, cookery books, and the latest wi-fi controlled lighting and appliances. Whatever be the design it must be practical and pretty!

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